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Stanely Signature Indonesian Whispering Three Panel Privacy Screen

Item #: 9851200131
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Product Description

Long before it was acceptable for young women and young men to socialize openly in the same room, wealthy families went to great lengths to separate would-be suitors. One such method was with a Whispering Screen like this one. Designed to visually separate one space from another, the screen served to both define boundaries for the men and offer protection for the women. Undoubtedly intended for a different use today, our screen offers an usually ornamental divider for contemporary spaces. Crafted of three carved panels of solid Burmese wood, the hefty screen creates visual interest on both the vertical and horizontal planes. The repeated diamond motif carries seamlessly from panel to panel, drawing the eye through the space. Excellent for temporarily concealing an unsightly service entrance or redirecting traffic flow during parties.

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