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Scholar Craft CDF 5000 Series, CD5217 Classroom Combo Desk Chair

Item #: CD5217
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The unique design of this combination chair/desk provides an exceptionally strong frame. The major structural member, made from 1¼"-16 gauge tubing, supports the periphery of the desktop, drops to the front edge of the chair, and then wraps around to the side of the seat providing a moment arm to resist deformation. Additionally, a reinforcing tube is welded to the front leg, the wrap-around tube, and then to the back upright to strengthen the chair assembly while not restricting comfortor arm movement. Front and rear legs are 1¼" -16 gauge tubing with the lower ends tapered to 1" to accommodate the standard industry-proven glide. All joints are gas shielded metal arc welded for maximum strength and the finish is applied after complete frame fabrication so that all welds are plated. Seats and backs are 5/8" thick molded melamine and the molded melamine desktop is a full 18" x 24" with pencil groove.
Heights: 5017 - 17½" 


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