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48" x 96" Contemporary Conference Meeting Table with Power Management

Item #: 8897837
Regular Price:   $1,800.00 Your Price: $1,521.00
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Product Description

Product Overall Information:

Effective communication is the key to success. Our design team set out to create an environment that was conducive to effective communication and hence the Benching concept was born. This solution is engineered with the team in mind. Lower screens facilitate collaboration and straight runs allow the maximum person-per-room ratio. This desking utilizes an expanding beam and an 'add-on' function. There is no limit on the length or number of workstations possible. Benching also uses fewer parts-per-user resulting in greater cost savings.


  • Non-Powered or Fully Powered
  • Premium Laminate Finish Choices
  • Desk Top Power Modules
  • Quickship Program
  • Made in USA
  • Custom design / layout available
  • Lifetime limited warranty
Product Size: Custom Sizing Available!